Coronavirus Premises Closures: Urgent Considerations for Landlords and Tenants!

As business premises are closing amid the current coronavirus pandemic, what do you need to know?

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Urgent notice for both landlords and tenants

The covid 19 [ corona ] virus crisis is already causing problems for tenants who are struggling to pay their rent and for landlords who urgently need to get their rents in. Commercial property rents are normally paid on the standard quarter days and the next one is a...

Are you considering taking on a commercial lease?

Are you considering taking on a commercial lease? The declining high street is all over the news headlines as businesses are facing financial difficulty and increased competition with online retailers. Inevitably this is leading to the closure of high street stores...

Benefits of Voluntary First Registration

Land or property must be registered for the first time if it is currently unregistered when you take ownership or someone new takes ownership of it or if you mortgage it.