Stamp Duty Holiday Update

The 30th September 2021 marked the end to the stamp duty holiday. From 1 October 2021, the normal stamp duty rules will apply.

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Ambles from the Shambles is back!

Last year, we started to have a lunchtime ambles from the Shambles round York unfortunately Covid put a stop to this but as restrictions are easing, we have re-commenced our ambles.

Changes to social care funding

In England, the current rules are that people with more than £23,250 have to pay for all of their care costs, with no cap in the maximum they contribute. What do the changes mean?

Loopy Scoops Lease Acquisition

We have recently assisted Andrew in the acquisition of a lease for 3 Church Street, York which he has turned in to the ice cream shop, Loopy Scoops.

Infrastructure Agreements

Infrastructure agreements are a fundamental part of any housing development – they are a vital component for developers who wish to successfully build new homes.

Stamp Duty Holiday Update

Phase 1 of the Stamp Duty Land Tax Holiday ends on the 30th June 2021 but it’s not all bad news, stamp duty rates will not immediately return to their pre-8th July 2020 levels straightaway.

Will Survivorship Clauses

During the pandemic, a previous rarity of couples or family members dying at the same time or shortly after each other, has sadly become more common. In some situations, this can lead to assets passing to beneficiaries in a way that is not what was planned.

Dementia Action Week

#DementiaActionWeek is a national event that sees the UK public taking action to improve the lives of people affected by dementia. This year, the week will take place on 17th – 23rd May. 

Beware of Property Market Frenzy!

The end of the so-called Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) holiday at the end of June has been driving the residential property market into a frenzy of activity but it is vital that both sellers and buyers try to keep things in perspective.