Living Wills or Advanced Directives

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Living Wills or Advanced Directives

Living Wills (often known as Advance Directives) allow you to record your wishes for your future medical care, for example in the case of a terminal illness or in the need for resuscitation.

You can dictate your wishes regarding life-sustaining treatment, emergency treatment and on-going future care requirements you may require.

Living wills mean that you do not have to leave decisions about your future medical treatment to somebody else.

If you are considering creating a Living will, a member of our specialist Life Planning team will be able to explain and guide you through the process ensuring that your exact wishes are recorded. We are also able to update Living wills should there be any changes to your circumstances.

We can help with:
  • Creating a living will
  • Explaining the benefits of a living will
  • Updating your living will


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