Mortgaging and re-mortgaging

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Mortgaging and Re-mortgaging

Whether you’re looking at mortgaging as part of a normal conveyancing purchase process, or mortgaging or re-mortgaging your existing freehold or leasehold property, our team can provide practical and honest advice to suit your individual situation.

Through collaboration and open communication, we will assist in securing a swift and efficient conclusion to your transaction.  We will help you with all the legal paperwork and be available to work together with your lender (and any mortgage/insurance broker) to ensure compliance with all the mortgage conditions.

We will explain the legal aspects of the new mortgage, obtain repayment/redemption figures for any current mortgage, liaise with you and the lenders to resolve any queries and ensure that the figures all add up and that everything completes to your satisfaction.  We will also deal with all post-completion formalities required by the lender, including registration at the Land Registry.

We can help with:
  • Advising on mortgaging your property
  • Advising or re-mortgaging your property
  • Completion of all the legal paperwork
  • Speaking to your lender
  • Explaining the legal elements of the mortgage
  • Resolving mortgage queries
  • Post – completion formalities
  • Registration at the Land Registry
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