Buying and Selling Businesses


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Buying and Selling Businesses

We deal with the sale of small to medium size businesses, mainly in the York area. We have many clients in York running their own businesses. We have worked with them through the generations.

Our knowledge of this market helps us to advise our clients of the potential pitfalls of any disposal or acquisition of a business and how to access very specialist advice when required. These businesses may be retail based licence or on-licensed premises or light industrial concerns. We have the experience to make sure you receive the advice relevant to your type of business.

We are also used to working with lenders to businesses and understand their particular requirements and concerns. We adopt a coordinated approach and work closely with all the stakeholders. We make sure you have a solicitor experienced in dealing with your type of business and you will have one to one direct contact with that person. They will make sure you receive regular updates.

Generally these transactions involve a property of some kind and our knowledge of the commercial property market in York inevitably assists in smoothing the way with local landlords who may have concerns about a business occupier selling up. Our approach is “can do”, pragmatic and practical, and we try to identify potential problems and iron them out as quickly as possible and always at the start of any transaction.

Commercial Property and Business Team

Who we are

John Walker

Director and Commercial Property Solicitor

Helen Burrows

Director and Commercial Property Solicitor

Deborah Barton

Director and Commercial Property Solicitor



Alison Munro

Director and Commercial Property Solicitor

Sean Gallagher

Director and Commercial Property Solicitor


Hannah Garratt





Lily Toffolo

Trainee Solicitor




Cara Wilson

Trainee Solicitor




Carolyn Thompson

Legal Assistant


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