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Pubs, Restaurants and Licensed Premises

In addition to advice on all other legal matters the operators of pubs restaurants and other licensed premises may well need specialist help when it comes to the sale of alcohol and late night opening hours.

Local authorities now run the licensing law regime and the consequences of not following the rules correctly can be catastrophic, including the closure of your premises without notice.

There are premises licences, personal licences, club certificates, temporary event licences and pavement licences – all with different requirements and rules!

The role of both the local authority and the police are key when it comes to licensing and we can help to guide you through the pragmatic negotiations and discussions that are often required to secure the desired results. This involves much more than just completing a few forms.

We also have detailed expertise of the whole licensing scene in York and can use this to your benefit, making use of knowledge acquired over many years to give you strategic help that you can’t get elsewhere, whether locally or nationally.

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