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Having a will is vitally important in ensuring your estate is properly managed when you’re no longer here.

Although Wills can be a difficult subject to deal with, we recommend you should take one out as soon as possible, especially if you have children or significant assets. It’s also important to update your Will regularly and we would recommend you look at it at least every 4-5 years, or more often if your circumstances change.

In a complex or unexpected family situation, Wills are vital in helping to avoid family disputes and even court action.  Not only that, Wills are a tool in inheritance tax planning, maximising entitlements.

We can help with:
  • Drafting a new or altering an existing will
  • Appointment of professional executors where appropriate
  • Straightforward Tax advice and planning


Life planning Team

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Rowena Rogers

Director and Head of Life Planning



Sue Hanley

Life Planning Solicitor


Hudda Morgan

Life Planning Solicitor




Jenny Kemp

Legal Assistant





Nick Clarke

Life Planning Solicitor


Angela Henry

Legal Assistant


Emma Hartley

Life Planning Executive


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