Pre-nuptial and Living Together Agreements


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Pre-nuptial and Living Together Agreements

Sharing your life with someone is one of life’s joys. However, there are times when things don’t turn out quite how you would have hoped.

Living together and pre-nuptial agreements can help to ensure your individual finances and assets are kept secure during this difficult time.

Living together agreements can be taken out by anybody who chooses to live with another person and do not have to involve the purchase of a property. They can ensure clarity regarding financial aspects of living together including unequal contributions to rent or mortgage payments.

Prior to marriage, you can arrange to have a pre-nuptial agreement which outlines the ownership and sharing of assets should the marriage fail, or in the case of death of one party. This is a beneficial arrangement as it creates certainty for both parties so that they know from the beginning what is going to happen.

We advise that you allow plenty of time to agree this type of arrangement as it is not something that can be done quickly and both parties will need to be separately represented.

Please get in touch to with one of our specialist life planning team to get the best advice for your individual circumstances.

We can help with:
  • Pre-nuptial agreements
  • Specialist advice tailored to your individual circumstances
  • Living together agreements


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