Guest Walker have been appointed to the Solicitors Legal Panel of peer-to-peer lender Folk2Folk, which lends to local businesses. As a member of the Panel Guest Walker will carry out the legal work required to complete loans for business owners borrowing from Folk2Folk – a rapidly growing organisation which offers simple and straightforward local lending/borrowing – without the need to take any part of the process out of the local area.

Guest Walker’s depth of knowledge in this area will enable us to play a key part in the legal process whereby properties are used as security against loans and, in doing so, we will be able to play an important role in supporting the areas business community.

By forming this Legal Panel Folk2Folk are building up a network of local law firms across the country and this will enable lawyers to introduce their clients to alternative forms of funding that suit their particular requirements.

As an alternative finance provider Folk2Folk is not a bank but is a peer-to-peer lending service specialising in locally sourced lending for businesses. This involves matching small and medium sized businesses looking for finance with local investors seeking a good return, something that is so very difficult in the current financial world. Over 140 million pounds of finance has been introduced to customers since Folk2Folk began in 2013 and they have funds ready to lend now.






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