From September you can add two storeys to your home without planning permission under new laws

On Tuesday 21 July a series of planning measures were laid out in Parliament.

From September 2020 homeowners will be able to add up to two storeys to a home without the need for full planning permission under new laws.

The changes apply to detached properties and enable homeowners to extend their home up to a height of 18 metres. The idea behind the reforms is that it enables families to add extra space to homes, thereby avoiding the need to move house.

Unused commercial properties will also benefit from the changes, enabling them to be converted into housing without requiring a full planning permission application. It is important to note that developers will still have to comply with Building Regulations.

Current planning permission applications can take up to 16 weeks and allows neighbours to object to plans. Under the new reforms homeowners will be able to extend their property using the “fast-track approval service” and receive a response within 8 weeks and neighbours will not be able to object to the application.

The reforms do not apply to protected areas including National Parks or Conservation areas – homeowners in such areas will still need to apply for full planning permission.

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