Fortnightly Ambles from the Shambles

As a new initiative for our staff at Guest Walker we have started to have a fortnightly lunchtime ambles from the Shambles round York with as many of our staff taking part as possible.

Our offices are spread up and down the Shambles and with many of our staff part-time and busy we don’t often have chance for a “natter”. Our ambles will allow a catch up and also ensures our staff manage to grab some time away from their desks and enjoy the beautiful City they work in.

Today is our first amble and we are doing the York Lucky Cats Trail which appropriately starts in the Shambles at York Glass.

Statues of cats have been placed on buildings in York for around two Centuries, although statues have since been removed or rotted they are thought to date from medieval times. The original cat statues were placed on buildings to frighten away rats and mice which can carry plague and illness.

We managed to spot most of the cats and one beheaded dragon!

A link to the trail is attached below if you would like to do it when visiting York or in your lunchtime

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