Dementia Action Week 2024

Dementia Action Week takes place this week (13-19th May), organised by the Alzheimer’s Society to raise awareness of issues relating to dementia and the support available.

This year’s focus is on improving diagnosis rates. 1 in 3 people living with dementia in the UK have no formal diagnosis, which in turn means they cannot access the support available following diagnosis, including medication to help with symptoms, financial benefits and guidance on living with dementia.

The Alzheimer’s Society website has a host of practical resources aimed at helping people take steps towards seeking a diagnosis, including tips on talking about dementia and a checklist of symptoms to help with discussions with a GP. The aim is to support people at every stage, so that they can live well with dementia.

Research is bringing the prospect of quicker diagnosis much closer, and the Alzheimer’s Society is one of the bodies funding the current Blood Biomarker Challenge in the UK. The participating research teams will study existing and new blood tests, and carry out countrywide trials with the aim of providing the evidence to bring diagnostic blood-testing for dementia into use in the NHS within 5 years.

For further information or support, see the Society’s website or contact their helpline Dementia Support Helpline 0333 150 3456.

Planning ahead can help you and your family prepare for a time when you may not be able to manage things for yourself, and our friendly and approachable Life Planning team can talk through the options that are available, such as Lasting Powers of Attorney. Early conversations about these difficult topics mean you can access the advice and support needed, so that your family and carers can help you in the most effective way in the future.

Many of our Life Planning Team are Dementia Friends, with an understanding of the challenges faced by sufferers, and we will be happy to help. For further information, please contact us on 01904 624903.

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