Your Digital Legacy

In a world of online banking, online shopping, social media and digital photographs we seem to accrue less paper assets and keepsakes.

These types of belongings can just be as important and sentimental to their owner as paper ones, so what happens to these when you die?

Just as with property, jewellery and furniture you can include digital assets in your Will. You can note which assets must be preserved or which can be destroyed and deleted on death. You may wish to include specific directions for sentimental items such as photos, family trees etc. held on your computer.

As well as ensuring your wishes can be followed for digital assets by including this type of information can prove useful to your executors particularly where you hold primarily online accounts. Having the information in your Will ensures the handling of your estate is easier for your executors and belongings important to you are easily found.

If you wish to discuss making a Will or amending an existing Will please contact Christine Pick or Emma Hartley on 01904 624903.

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