Modernisation of Lasting Powers of Attorney

The Ministry of Justice and Office of the Public Guardian have just concluded their consultation to modernising Lasting Power of Attorney services, which can be found here

Lasting Powers of Attorney, or LPA’s, are documents giving people power to appoint people of their choice to administer their finances and also who they would like to make health decisions on their behalf in the event of incapacity.

The idea behind the modernisation is to increase overall efficiency – “both the speed with making and registering the documents and also improving accuracy, whilst keeping LPAs as affordable as possible”.

It is good news that alongside these improvements, there has been a commitment to maintaining a paper service as well as digital or online alternatives, to ensure that the new proposals don’t restrict access to Lasting Powers of Attorney  for the vulnerable or those who have restricted access to online services.

Here, at Guest Walker, we are specialists in making Lasting Powers of Attorney both for personal use and for those wanting to appoint people in a business context – enabling the smooth and continued running of their businesses in the event of sudden illness or incapacity.

Please do call or make contact our experienced and friendly Life Planning Team if you would like further information or assistance on 01904 624903 or email

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