Can I leave a legacy for my Pet?

Given the theme of our “Fortnightly ambles from the Shambles” last Thursday, it reminds us how much, as a nation, we love our pets and animals.  It therefore comes as no surprise that in the Life Planning Department we are often asked by clients what options are available to provide for a pet if they survive you.

Whilst many of us do not have resources to leave an extravagant legacy such as Miles Blackwell whose chicken, Gigoo, reportedly inherited a lavish sum of $15 million (£10 million), it is still no doubt a concern to provide for a pet.

Under English law it is not possible to leave a legacy (money or property) directly to a pet. It is possible to leave your pet to a member of family, friend or charity together with a gift of money for their maintenance.  The gift should be suitably proportionate to the likely size of your estate and take into consideration your pet’s age, likely life expectancy, needs and the circumstances of the person you wish to take care of the pet.

If you would like to discuss providing for your pet in your Will or your Will in general, please contact either Rowena Rogers or Emma Hartley in our Life Planning Team who will be happy to assist.

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