Am I too Young to Make a Will?

If you are over 18 years, you are not too young to make a Will.

Popular belief is that making a Will is for the older generation but when the younger generation are likely to have dependents and financial commitments surely it is therefore just as important for them to make one. As soon as you own anything you should be considering making a Will.

For those with young families, whilst a Will largely covers financial arrangements upon death, it always allows the appointment of Guardians to care for your children until they become an adult.

If you have no Will in place the Intestacy Rules will apply, dictating how your estate should be divided and to whom. This may mean that your partner (if unmarried) or children do not receive any inheritance. The Intestacy Rules will not deal with Guardianship of your children.

Even if you already have a Will in place, we would always recommend that this is reviewed regularly in the event that your circumstances have changed.

Don’t put off making a Will when you work so hard to provide for yourself and your loved ones, especially your children.

Please contact one of our Life Planning Team if you wish to discuss making a Will on 01904 624903.

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