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Beauty and Brains


So, obviously you are on tenterhooks, waiting for the next and most recent legal updates. Weeeeelll- we’re just going to have to disappoint you this time- but hey, we have something much more exciting (more exciting than more legal news- you say? Do tell).

Drum roll please…Ladeez and Gennerman, introducing our very own candidate for Miss York 2014- the one, the beautiful, the sunniest, sweetest girl in York, Lauren Liddell. Our lovely receptionist found herself volunteered as a candidate and being the good sport she is- decided to go for it. She was surprised to find that she got through to the finals but we weren’t. She’s just perfect for the title.

What about the objectification of women you say? To be frank, it’s hard to get round that one so I’m just going to do what any good lawyer would, by skimming over it and deflecting your attention on to something else- dresses and swimwear.

I’ve never seen Lauren in a swimsuit, but I have seen her in a dress and she looks damn good in one- better than most of us do actually (and I’m not excluding the men).

So much for beauty- here’s where the brains come in. Lovely Lauren (now there’s a stage name) is hoping to use her adventure to help promote the Smiley Riley Fund that is so close to her family’s heart. After family tragedy, the charity was set up to help children coping with chemotherapy.

We’re going to try and use this blog to follow her on her journey with news, views and commentary.

I’d like to start with my teenage son’s reaction. Unlike my generation,  who clustered round the telly with all the family and sweets with names like Marathon (not Snickers!), fizzy colas and sweetie cigarettes, he has never even heard of a beauty pageant. Firstly, and this is how PC kids are today, he typed “Ms York” into Google. (“There’s no such title” “No Son, there isn’t.”) He then observed that none of the past winners came from York because they all had a tan (“Yeh- I don’t know what happened there kid.”) Next question “Why do they have their measurements online? Look they’ve even put their bra sizes on!” He thinks ‘Vitalstatistix’ is a character from Asterix and Obelix- which it is come to think of it.

Are our children becoming more innocent- or am I just failing him as a mother? (Don’t answer that!)

More to come as I try to unglue my son from a world hitherto unknown to him (“Miss England’s alright”). What have  I started?!