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A very modern way to die

We at Guest Walker & Co are proud of our historic building and local heritage, our long-standing reputation and past records of high acheivement. We are not however, a firm that likes to keep looking back.  The only way to build on our successes is to keep looking forward. How does this fit in with the world of probate and wills?  Not easily or often to be frank, given that the law in this area is quite solid and well established without the frenetic movements in other departments such as conveyancing or litigious law which are often subject to review and change.  Frankly, this is a good thing.  Clients need to feel comfortable that they can make a will or cope with bereavement without fear of the sands shifting beneath their feet. iStock_000000911633_Small graveyard Even the world of probate and wills is however having to keep astride the techno culture that has rapidly grown up around us.  Some of the developments are thought-provoking and forward-thinking, such as the movement towards “living wills”.  These are a recent convention and allow us to let our family know how we want to be treated in the event of chronic and debilitating illness, particularly if we worry about finding ourselves unable to give instruction. A little more quirky and no less interesting is the move towards keeping our virtual or technological selves alive.  It is a question of personal opinion of course as to whether these are innovative developments or just plain crazy.  Whatever your viewpoint, they can at least provide a little light relief in a subject of law that is not, let’s face it, renowned for levity. One website that caught our eye is that of  This fun little site provides the viewer a neat way out of the tricky question as to how manage your final message on facebook.  If this is a problem that keeps you awake at night – worry no more.  It provides you with a neat app that lets you appoint specific facebook friends to pass on the news of your demise – together with any last messages.  The promotional video  even provides useful suggestions as to what sort of final words you may wish to leave ranging from helpful advice to rude signs! Probate Court Intestate The cheekiest website that we found on this subject is one that helps you serve your Twitter account. The site that serves the app is at  Its moniker  – “when your heart stops beating you’ll keep on tweeting” says it all really.  Using their services, it promises to keep your tweets going on after your death so that you presumably don’t dissappoint your faithful twitter followers.  It helpfully refers to its product as “your social afterlife”. So just as you thought you had it all sewn up with wills, testaments and insurances another social nicety comes along to burden you – the burden of keeping up with good social media manners.  If like us however, you just want to keep it simple – we promise to do just that.  Far be it from us to stand in the way of progress however.  We therefore also promise to keep a watchful eye on any more interesting devlopments in the “social afterlife” and report back to you.